Spotty labels protect your keys, luggage, phone and/or camera against loss. And the price shouldn’t be an issue. Click here to go to the webshop

Lacking inspiration? Did you think that you can use Spotty labels only for your phone and keys? The pictures below show lots of other items that are often lost – or that you wouldn’t want to lose.

 Application examples

Everyday items

Keytag info-orange
Car key
Umbrella Spectacles


Portable devices

Smartphone info-orange Tablet Handsfree kit Satnav
Laptop Label printer tag info-orange MP3 player Storage media
DVD player Headphones Smartpen eReader
Bank tokens


Travel gear Travel essentials Passportinfo-orange Luggageinfo-orange

Sports & Toys

Bike(engraving) info-orange Accessories Step, skates,  … Tennis, squash, …
Game console Ski, snowboard RC toys Fishing gear

Photography info-orange

Camera external Camera internal Lens Mini stickers
Tripod Light meter Camcorder


Medication Glucose meter SpO2 meter Blood pressure meter

(Professional) equipment

Measuring instruments Tools Tools (labelprinter) info-orange


Musical instruments Jewelry (engraving) info-orange Engraving info-orange Pets
Purse NFC radio chip