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Don’t lose your passport when traveling, protect it with Spotty

Don't lose your passport when travelingDepending on the country where you’re traveling, losing your passport can be a serious inconvenience or even mean big trouble. Someone who finds it would probably want to help you out, but how? Your phone number is probably not mentioned and anyway, a finder wouldn’t call your foreign number at their expense. Sending it to your embassy also costs time and effort. And even if the finder would do that, it’s of little help because you may be hundreds of miles away from that embassy. What can you do?

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We now help finders in their own language!

Lost item on vacationIf you want a finder to deliver your lost items back to you, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for him or her, or the chances will diminish considerably. With Spotty, we already make sure that they don’t need to make any journeys to notify you, nor do they need to bear any communication costs. But when losing an item on a foreign trip, it’s crucial that we’re able to help finders in their own language. The language skills of the average European have proven to be a bit trickier than we had expected. Continue reading

Outsmart burglars, never write your name on your luggage tags!

Safe discrete luggage tag no personal detailsSafety first? At the airlines alone, an average of 13 out of 1000 suitcases are lost (in 2007, more than one million). Most travellers attach a luggage label with their name and address on it. This way, the airline company or another party can return their suitcase if it’s wrongly delivered. However, not only is this of little use (is that where you need your luggage?), but it’s often downright dangerous. Read below why and what you can do about it.

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Five keys lost, five recovered. 58 minutes on average!

Lost keys in LeuvenObviously, our own tests have already shown that Spotty functions well on a technical level. But would a human (the finder) go through the trouble of reading a Spotty keytag and actually do something with it? To answer that question, we needed a live test. That’s why, on March 5th, we conducted a small live test in the city of Leuven. We dropped five keys with a Spotty keytag in different locations throughout the city. Continue reading

Four tips to recover a lost smartphone

Verloren smartphone terugvindenSome of the most frequently lost items nowadays are mobile phones and smartphones. Not less than £5 million worth is lost a day. Losing your smartphone costs you a considerable amount of money, but it’s also very inconvenient during the transition period and can cost you time while you configure your replacement smartphone to the same setup as your old one. Here are four tips to get your smartphone back in the event of a loss. Continue reading

Protect your photo equipment against loss or theft

Lost cameraWhen you lose your camera or your camcorder is stolen, it’s always painful. The financial aspect can be covered by insurance – although that insurance isn’t cheap. But, often, you’ve also become attached to your camera, you’ve acquired matching accessories and, over the years, you’ve become familiar with how to handle it. Even worse, together with your camera, you’re also likely to lose invaluable holiday or family photos. How can you avoid that, and at minimal expense? Continue reading