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Don’t lose your passport when traveling, protect it with Spotty

Don't lose your passport when travelingDepending on the country where you’re traveling, losing your passport can be a serious inconvenience or even mean big trouble. Someone who finds it would probably want to help you out, but how? Your phone number is probably not mentioned and anyway, a finder wouldn’t call your foreign number at their expense. Sending it to your embassy also costs time and effort. And even if the finder would do that, it’s of little help because you may be hundreds of miles away from that embassy. What can you do?

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Protect your photo equipment against loss or theft

Lost cameraWhen you lose your camera or your camcorder is stolen, it’s always painful. The financial aspect can be covered by insurance – although that insurance isn’t cheap. But, often, you’ve also become attached to your camera, you’ve acquired matching accessories and, over the years, you’ve become familiar with how to handle it. Even worse, together with your camera, you’re also likely to lose invaluable holiday or family photos. How can you avoid that, and at minimal expense? Continue reading

How to print your own Spotty stickers (or engrave the code)

lost and found label inhouse printedYou might think that the Spotty lost&found service only works with the Spotty QR code stickers that can be purchased in our web shop. Nothing is further from the truth. When registering an item, you can let Spotty generate a code for you and apply this code yourself to your item, by whatever means you find suitable. The QR code is optional and is mainly intended to return your item even easier to you.

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