Don’t lose your passport when traveling, protect it with Spotty

Don't lose your passport when travelingDepending on the country where you’re traveling, losing your passport can be a serious inconvenience or even mean big trouble. Someone who finds it would probably want to help you out, but how? Your phone number is probably not mentioned and anyway, a finder wouldn’t call your foreign number at their expense. Sending it to your embassy also costs time and effort. And even if the finder would do that, it’s of little help because you may be hundreds of miles away from that embassy. What can you do?

It’s easy, protect your passport with a Spotty sticker. This allows a finder to notify you worldwide, with no costs or effort and in seven languages. You immediately receive an SMS telling you where you can pick-up your passport. You’ll probably still be nearby and you’ll be able to continue enjoying your trip in no time. That’s a lot better than stress or loss of time, isn’t it?

Are you allowed to stick a sticker to your passport?

In any case, there’s no problem for documents that have a plastic cover, such as passports. With other documents, it depends where you would apply the sticker. More details below.
For a passport, the inside is important. The outside is only a cover to protect the passport, but the cover itself has no official markings and is usually a single colour. In some countries or at certain airline companies, they often apply stickers to indicate that a security check has been done so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t use the possibility.
For other documents such as a vehicle registration document, the law doesn’t always give a clear answer.


It would be useful to consider the following suggestions when applying a Spotty sticker to your passport or other document:

  • If possible, apply the sticker on the outside and at the back.
  • If you can only apply the sticker to the document itself, make sure you don’t cover up any readable information or other official stamps.
  • Hold the document to the light to check that there’s no watermark or hidden line before applying your sticker.
  • Nowadays, documents such as passports and identity cards may contain a chip that can be read by devices via radio waves. An ordinary Spotty sticker will not disrupt this. However, we advise you not to use a special Spotty NFC sticker, because this contains its own chip and transmitter and may cause the document’s chip to become unreadable by devices.

Easy and safe

Tip: For your comfort, you don’t need to register your stickers up front or enter your address. But, if you do register your passport at, you can also upload a scanned image of your document. If you then lose your passport while you’re on holiday, you can log in to and simply print out a copy of your scanned image.

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