We now help finders in their own language!

Lost item on vacationIf you want a finder to deliver your lost items back to you, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for him or her, or the chances will diminish considerably. With Spotty, we already make sure that they don’t need to make any journeys to notify you, nor do they need to bear any communication costs. But when losing an item on a foreign trip, it’s crucial that we’re able to help finders in their own language. The language skills of the average European have proven to be a bit trickier than we had expected.

Initially, we assumed that it would suffice to offer the system in English, French and German. Everyone understands English, don’t they? In any case, that’s been our experience of the hotel staff and shopkeepers we’ve met on our own holidays. But that’s not the average population, is it?

Finder language on vacation

In many vacation destinations, less that 20% of potential finders speak English

At Spotty, we don’t leave things to chance, so we looked in depth at the official statistics. The Eurobarometer statistic in the image shows that at most holiday destinations, less than 20% of the population indicates that they speak English, even among the younger generations!

If four out of five of our finders were blocked by a language barrier, we’d be offering our users a bad service, so we took a different approach. Therefore, a finder can now report a found item (your item) on Spotty in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. This covers a huge number of European and South American holiday destinations. And we’ll add even more languages in the future.

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So already we’ve increased the chances fivefold that you’ll get your item back when on vacation!