How to print your own Spotty stickers (or engrave the code)

lost and found label inhouse printedYou might think that the Spotty lost&found service only works with the Spotty QR code stickers that can be purchased in our web shop. Nothing is further from the truth. When registering an item, you can let Spotty generate a code for you and apply this code yourself to your item, by whatever means you find suitable. The QR code is optional and is mainly intended to return your item even easier to you.

Imagine that you want large stickers to attach to important folders or documents, instead of a mixture of sticker designs. Or you want to add your own logo and some additional information such as your inventory number. Or your item isn’t suitable for a sticker and you prefer engraving a (short)code onto your item. All this is possible.

When registering an item on Spotty, you can choose between different approaches.

1. Choose to buy Spotty stickers from either the Spotty webshop or a local retailerItem registration

Item registration

In this case, you can enter the sticker code in the appropriate field (1) while registering your item and then attach the sticker to your item.

2. Choose not to buy Spotty stickers and instead buy “credits”

In this case, while registering your item, you can ask the system to generate a unique, random code (2). This code will then appear in the tag code field (1) and you will be charged one credit. You can apply this code to your item, using any type of label you prefer.

There are several ways you can apply your code to the item. Your choice will depend on the space available. Let’s say, for example that your code is BT9M48TC.


    Home printed lost and found sticker with labelprinter

    Label printer tag


When someone finds your item and enters the address in his/her browser, they’ll immediately see the details of your item. Space permitting, you can also write a short text on the label such as “IF FOUND GOTO”.

It doesn’t matter how you apply the code. It can be printed on label printer, but it can just as well be written onto or engraved in the object.

Would you prefer to print out your own QR codes? Some label printers such as the Dymo Labelwriter 450, can also convert text such as “” as a QR code and print it onto a label. This way, you have the full Spotty feature set on labels that you’ve printed out yourself.

Even simpler, you can copy the QR code from the Spotty website when you click on it in your item overview table, then paste it into an appropriate application or template to print it out.

3. Prefer a shorter code?

Selfprint-2-enIf you want to engrave a Spotty code onto a valuable watch, ring, or other small item, space constraints will play an important role. In this case, you can generate a “short code” by clicking the button (3) in your item overview screen. This code can have a length between 1 and 7 characters. The shorter the code, the fewer the combinations that are available for sale, so the more credits that you will be charged.

Lost and found code

Engraving on watch

For example, if your short code is “AB1″, you can engrave “″ ont your item (or the slightly clearer “″).

4. What to protect with those codes?

Click here for many pictures of objects with a Spotty code.