Protect your photo equipment against loss or theft

Lost cameraWhen you lose your camera or your camcorder is stolen, it’s always painful. The financial aspect can be covered by insurance – although that insurance isn’t cheap. But, often, you’ve also become attached to your camera, you’ve acquired matching accessories and, over the years, you’ve become familiar with how to handle it. Even worse, together with your camera, you’re also likely to lose invaluable holiday or family photos. How can you avoid that, and at minimal expense?

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It’s simple. Spotty has a series of stickers that are specifically designed to be used on photo and video equipment and that allow someone to notify you within minutes of them finding your equipment. Will they notify you? You only need to look at the numerous lost&found sites on the internet to see the thousands of cameras and smartphones that have been reported as found. Bear in mind that the finder will most likely already own a camera – yours will need to be both very special and easy to use for them to keep it to themselves and purchase a charger for it.

Moreover – and this is important both for dishonest finders and for thieves – all details about the camera, such as its serial number and description, are published on this page if it’s not returned. This assures worldwide traceability via any search engine. That’s risky for a thief, not only in the event of police action, but also when an unsuspecting buyer stumbles upon this and reports the seller to the police.

How does it work?

You simply attach a suitable Spotty sticker to your equipment and register it on This only takes a few seconds per item and generates a unique web page for every single item. The finder simply enters the address mentioned on the sticker, et voilà. If it’s a QR code sticker, they can even scan it with their smartphone, and they’ll see your item’s details within seconds. That’s much less hassle for the finder than taking it to their local municipal building or police station, and therefore increases the chance that your item will be returned to you.


Demo sticker

You will receive an SMS and an email from Spotty that will include the information provided by the finder. These details can be sent by the finder from anywhere in the world and within seconds.

You can test this now by scanning the code next to this text with your phone or tablet or by clicking it with your mouse.


Camera with Spotty anti-loss stickerVideo camera with Spotty return stickerLens en memory card with Spotty return stickers

The smallest Spotty stickers even fit on a lens or a memory card.

More information

Click to order such tags – free shipping

You can find more information on Spotty in our FAQs. The products can be purchased from the Spotty webshop or selected stores. And here you can see what else you can protect with Spotty.