Use a QR code to embed a videoclip in your photo album

Put video in your photo album with a QR codeThis time, let’s look at a different activity to returning lost items via Spotty QR codes. There are many useful applications for QR codes, and a nice one is the potential to bring your photo albums to life by including video in them as well. And it’s easy to do. Below follows an explanation in three easy steps.

Let’s use an example. The Jones family has taken a lot of photos, as well as video clips, during their holiday. Traditionally, the photos will end up in their photo album, while the video footage is left forgotten somewhere in a folder on their computer.

Using a QR code, however, it’s easy to create a photo album such as that shown in the example here in which you can integrate your video clips. The image shows a picture taken during an event, where we had also captured video footage. If you have internet access, scan the code with your smartphone or tablet to give it a try.

Embed video in photo album with QR code

Photo album with video QR code. It brings your album to life, doesn’t it?

How to do this?

First of all, you’ll need to upload your clips to an internet video service (we’ll explain privacy further on). We’ll take YouTube as an example, but the procedure is comparable for other video services.
You can upload clips to YouTube if you have a Google account. If not, you can create one here.

A nice feature of YouTube is that you can optimize a video with just a few clicks, for example to eliminate camera jitter (it’s even proposed to you by the system).

Step 1 – Upload your video

Go to YouTube, sign in (if you aren’t already) and click “Upload”

Personally, although we don’t have anything to hide, we don’t like the idea that the whole world can watch our home movies. Fortunately, YouTube makes it possible to hide a video from the public library. Only people who know the link address can view it, so if you value privacy, don’t forget to select this option.

Then choose your video to upload.

Step 2 – Create a QR code that points to the video

Your video should now be online, and the only thing you need now is a QR code. We’ll give you a helping hand with our Spotty QR code generator.

Copy the address of the video you’re seeing on YouTube. If you play the video, you should see its address in the address bar of your browser.
Paste the address in the text box below and click the “QR code” button.

© 123Find bvba

That’s it. The code should now be visible here. Scan it with your phone or tablet to check that you can see your video clip.

Step 3 – Put the QR code in your photo album

Done? Then you can copy (right click) the QR code or save it to your hard disk to insert it into your photo album just like a photo. Don’t make it too small if you want to read it with the cheaper smartphone models.

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  • You can link to your own video, but just as well can you link to any other video on the Internet. For instance a documentary on the topic of your photo.
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